Ways to support my work include:

  • Sign up for one of my subscription packages. These give me a stable, ongoing income, and you get some various treats in the post: these are optional but they include stickers, postcards and printed scores of my work.
  • If you prefer to make a recurrent donation anonymously, consider donating via Liberapay.
  • Pledge to sponsor me at Patreon for every new choral work I write and publish. This gives me a financial incentive to keep composing! You can cap your monthly contribution (so if I write nothing one month and then 12 things the next, you won’t be bankrupt), and the lowest available pledge is $1 USD, which is very reasonable. I don’t get as much of what you pay as I do with the subscriptions, though, so if you’d rather pay the same amount each month then that might be a better option.
  • Buy my albums, available from my page at Bandcamp. Listen first, then pay what you want to download mp3, FLAC, ogg, or another format.
  • Commission new choral works from me. There is an overview here but you could just e-mail me at artsyhonker at gmail dot com to get in touch.
  • Tell people what you think of my work — even if you think they won’t or can’t offer financial support, I’m always interested in new audiences and collaborators. I know not everyone is interested in choral music or church-related blogging, but the people I already know who are tend to know about me.
  • Have another idea? Get in touch (try artsyhonker at gmail dot com) and let me know what it is. I’m committed to making my music available online for free, and that means I’m always on the lookout for creative funding possibilities.

One thought on “Support

  1. Hello, Kathryn,
    I happened upon your wonderful hymn via an Episcopal Musicians Facebook page, and was quite moved. My rector and I took part in a march/prayer service between the Seattle Episcopal and Roman Catholic Cathedrals last evening to pray for the immigrant families your hymn speaks of so eloquently. We decided we should sing the song this Sunday, so I set the notes into a Sibelius file for a bulletin insert. I underlaid the music with text, since I’ll be singing and playing, and transposed the key to D minor, keeping everything else exactly as you wrote it.
    You mentioned you were going to do another version with the notes & text; to save you the trouble, I could send my version of your song to you either as Sibelius file, or PDF. I could also transpose it back to E minor.
    In addition, I plan on sending a donation your way ASAP (parish bookkeeper is off till next Thursday.) If my version could be of help to you, please let me know how I can send it to you.

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