Commission Choral Music

Much of the music that I write is for free, but I also take commissions at a very reasonable rate.

For £185, I will set up to 50 words of English for SATB, with or without a simple organ or piano accompaniment. I’m willing to do more complex compositions, or simpler ones, or other languages, but please do contact me about it — Latin is easy, Russian much harder! You can see (and in some cases hear) examples of my other compositions on my works page. That isn’t a full list, but it’s updated reasonably often.

Your chosen text must be in the public domain, or you must have permission from the appropriate sources for me to set it. The copyright of the finished work will remain with me but I will release it under a CC BY-SA license, meaning that others can use it freely in derivative works, even for commercial purposes, as long as they acknowledge my work and share it similarly. So if you commission a choral work from me, you won’t just be contributing to my livelihood, you’ll be contributing to a body of publicly available art.

Right now, £185 is roughly what people have pledged on Patreon for each new piece I upload. Time spent on commissions means less time for Patreon, so this is the least I can charge you without losing money. Even though commissions take more effort than writing whatever I like, I want to offer you the best deal possible, so the figure you see here will always be the same as what I’m making on Patreon. That means it’ll go up as I get more patrons – so if you’re thinking of commissioning a piece, now is the perfect time! But if you don’t think you can afford that, it’s still worth having a chat with me about it, especially if you’re already a patron: I’m always looking for interesting texts to set, and if you don’t have a deadline or strict performance requirements, I might just set it anyway.

To discuss this further, please comment on this page, find me on Twitter or e-mail me: artsyhonker at gmail dot com.

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