This page is rather rough-and-ready but does have (nearly) all my work in one place. If you like my music, please consider helping me out.


I have some demo recording playlists at Youtube and Soundcloud.

SATB a cappella:

Hail, Lady, Sea-Star Bright [Buy on Lulu] [CPDL] — 2016, SATB

Sonnet 27 [Buy on Lulu] [CPDL] [YouTube] — 2016, SATB

Many waters cannot quench love [CPDL] [PDF] [MP3] — 2015, SATB

Continuum [CPDL] [PDF] [YouTube] [SoundCloud] — 2015, SATB

Magnificat [CPDL] [PDF] — 2015, SATB

Nunc dimittis [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] [Robot flutes mp3] — 2015, SATB

The Contrite Heart [CPDL] [PDF] [Soundcloud] — 2015, SATB (West Gallery accompaniment optional)

I Am [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SATB

Jubilate Amen [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] [YouTube] [SoundCloud] — 2014, SATB

Pied Beauty [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2014, SATB

The Message of the Wind [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SATB

I walked in darkness [CPDL] [PDF file] [MIDI file] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2013, SATB

Sweet Spirit, Comfort Me [CPDL] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2012, SATB

In Commendation of Music [PDF] [MIDI] — 2010, SATB

Christ Has No Body Now on Earth but Ours [CPDL] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2009

Song for October Ending [CPDL] [PDF] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2006, SATB

SATB accompanied:

Song of Easter [CPDL] [PDF] — 2015, SATB and piano with optional flute obligato

Benedictus [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SATB wth West Gallery instrumental accompaniment (mostly doubling choral parts)

SSA a cappella:

Talvilaulu — Song of the Winter [Buy on Lulu] [CPDL] [MP3] — 2016, SSA

TBB a cappella:

To Sail Beyond the Sunset [PDF] [MIDI] — 2006, TBB

SAB a cappella:

Versicles and Responses [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] [YouTube] [SoundCloud] — 2013, SAB

Flexible small choir, accompanied:

Yantantessera [Buy on Lulu] [CPDL] [YouTube] — 2016, Unison with divisi and piano, can be performed unison.

Thaw [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SA and piano, can be performed unison

Lines Composed in a Wood on a Windy Day [PDF] — 2014, SA and piano, can be performed unison

Crux Fidelis [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2010, SA and organ, can be performed unison

The Lord Bless Thee [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2011, unison voices and organ/piano

Transfiguration [CPDL] [PDF] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2012, SAB and organ, can be performed unison or SA

The Doubter [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2013, unison and organ

Trinitie Sunday [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SA organ

Small choir, a cappella:

Up-Hill [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SA

Give me my scallop shell of quiet [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SA

Solo voice:

A Marriage Blessing [CPDL] [PDF] — 2010, solo voice

Hymns, chants and rounds

Footdee (Long Metre) [CPDL] — 2017, hymn
Double chant in C major [CPDL] — 2016, Anglican Chant
Deland 87 87 97 [PDF] [MP3] — 2016, hymn
Song Cycle Sung Grace [CPDL] [MP3] — 2016, round
Waterworks Corner [CPDL] [MP3] — 2016, hymn
Braxted 84 84 88 (Wherever love is) [CPDL] [MP3] — 2016, hymn
Art House [CPDL] [PDF] [MP3] — 2017, hymn
Give us grace [PDF] [MIDI] — 2010, round
When you made this planet (Hitchin) [PDF] [MIDI]– 2011, hymn
Mile End 11 11 11 5 [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Harringey 87 87 87 [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Farringdon 76 76 D  [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Milley 87 87 D [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Cholsey 8888 [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Domine fac me CM [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Old Street CM [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Leyton DCM [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Poppleton 887 887 [PDF] [MID] — 2012, hymn
Farmer Road 77 77 77 [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Gordon Hill 77 77 77 [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn


Windswept [MP3] — 2016


While dead in sin

One thought on “Works

  1. Hi Kathyrine
    I came across your music on cpdl when I was trying to put together music for a concert featuring Canadian musicians and a spring theme, and downloaded several of your pieces to show to our Director. Though we did not use any of them then, I’d still like to see what we can do to promote your music.
    Our choir is based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and we perform a variety of music (from Bach to Broadway, as we say in our mandate). This May we are preparing an evening of Jazz. Next Nov. we will be doing Broadway, and next Feb. looking to perform classical selections. After that, no definitive plan is in place, but we generally run 3-4 concert programs a year, and like to involve local talent as much as possible.
    My director likes works that present some challenges to his choristers. I would like to ask what work you would most like to promote that might fit into our styling.

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