This page is rather rough-and-ready but does have (nearly) all my work in one place. If you like my music, please consider helping me out.


I have some demo recording playlists at Youtube and Soundcloud.

Sacred — Anthems and solos and so on:

Christ Has No Body Now on Earth but Ours [CPDL] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2009, SATB

A Marriage Blessing [CPDL] [PDF] — 2010, solo voice

Crux Fidelis [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2010, SA and organ, can be performed unison

The Lord Bless Thee [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2011, unison voices and organ/piano

Sweet Spirit, Comfort Me [CPDL] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2012, SATB

Transfiguration [CPDL] [PDF] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2012, SAB and organ

I walked in darkness [CPDL] [PDF file] [MIDI file] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2013, SATB

Versicles and ResponsesĀ [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] [YouTube] [SoundCloud] — 2013, SAB

The Doubter [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2013, unison and organ

Pied Beauty [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2014, SATB

Trinitie Sunday [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SA organ

Up-Hill [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SA

Jubilate Amen [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] [YouTube] [SoundCloud] — 2014, SATB

Give me my scallop shell of quiet [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SA

I Am [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SATB

Benedictus [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SATB

Nunc dimittis [CPDL] [PDF] [MIDI] [Robot flutes mp3] — 2015, SATB

The Contrite Heart [CPDL] [PDF] [Soundcloud] — 2015, SATB

Magnificat [CPDL] [PDF] — 2015, SATB

Continuum [CPDL] [PDF] [YouTube] [SoundCloud] — 2015, SATB

Song of Easter [CPDL] [PDF] — 2015, SATB

Many waters cannot quench love [CPDL] [PDF] [MP3] — 2015, SATB

Sacred — Hymns and rounds

Give us grace [PDF] [MIDI] — 2010, round
When you made this planet (Hitchin) [PDF] [MIDI]– 2011, hymn
Mile End 11 11 11 5 [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Harringey 87 87 87 [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Farringdon 76 76 DĀ  [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Milley 87 87 D [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Cholsey 8888 [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Domine fac me CM [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Old Street CM [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Leyton DCM [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Poppleton 887 887 [PDF] [MID] — 2012, hymn
Farmer Road 77 77 77 [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn
Gordon Hill 77 77 77 [PDF] [MIDI] — 2012, hymn


Song for October Ending [CPDL] [PDF] [YouTube] [Soundcloud] — 2006, SATB
To Sail Beyond the Sunset [PDF] [MIDI] — 2006, TBB
In Commendation of Music [PDF] [MIDI] — 2010, SATB
Thaw [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SA and piano
The Message of the Wind [PDF] [MIDI] — 2014, SATB
Lines Composed in a Wood on a Windy Day [PDF] — 2014, S(A)


While dead in sin

See Bandcamp for most of them!

Still too shy to post most of this (and too disorganised for the rest.)

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