A quiet week

This past week has been relatively quiet. I finished a paper draft of a piece I’m working on for a Canadian competition, and made some decisions about applying for a choral conducting job. I did get started on some reading, though I need to do more to build up momentum there. I scheduled my next trip to Aberdeen, which I’m looking forward to a lot.

I also found out that the two hymns I submitted for the London Festival of Contemporary Choral Music are on the short list that will be sent around to participating churches; this is good news, and hopefully means one or the other of them will be performed. If not — well, I hope at least one of them might make it into the hymnody workshop.

I also looked in the usual places for new competitions, and there are quite a few new ones I’m interested in. I haven’t decided yet which ones to go for, and of those, which to write new work for rather than submitting smething I already have on hand. So that’s a decision for later this week, hopefully after I have some of the existing projects further along than they are at the moment.