Addendum — Prayer

In my previous post I wrote about factors that contributed to my return (or maybe even my initial approach?) to Christian faith and practice.

Somehow, I neglected to mention other people praying for me.

I would be hard pressed to say that anyone was praying for my conversion, as such. If they did, they had more sense than to tell me about it. I am certain I would not have reacted well.

But I do know that people prayed for me — for my health, my general wellbeing, my spiritual growth, or just holding me before God — all along the way. I don’t have a coherent theology of prayer: like the Trinity, I find it logically baffling…

…but like the Trinity, I find that there is a level at which I trust it. And that isn’t necessarily at the level of being able to offer an explanation, but at a level of practice.

So. That’s another thing we need to think about, and do, in making disciples. And if you have ever prayed for me, or continue to pray for me — thanks.