Advent — Christina Rosetti

We’re well into December and there is so much going on that is very focused on Christmas; yet this is still Advent, a season of preparation.

Advent is my SATB setting of Christina Rosetti’s poem by the same name:

‘Come,’ Thou dost say to Angels,
To blessed Spirits, ‘Come’:
‘Come,’ to the lambs of Thine own flock,
Thy little ones, ‘Come home.’

‘Come,’ from the many-mansioned house
The gracious word is sent;
‘Come,’ from the ivory palaces
Unto the Penitent.

O Lord, restore us deaf and blind,
Unclose our lips though dumb:
Then say to us, ‘I will come with speed,’
And we will answer, ‘Come.’

This will be premiered by Capella Martialis on 19th December. I can’t attend, sadly: a trip to Singapore, as well as being beyond my means, would also have the effect of completely messing up my circadian rhythms just in time for Christmas services. As usual, it’s released under a CC by-SA license: feel free to download it, print it, photocopy it, record it, and so on. (Grateful? You can help me keep doing this by visiting my Support page and choosing one of the options there.) But please don’t perform it in public before the premiere: that would just be rude.