Bicycles Change Lives

I’m increasing my cycling to 80 miles per week to improve my fitness.

As a way of staying motivated I have signed up for a charity sponsorship thing. Qhubeka is the African programme of World Bicycle Relief. They provide bicycles to children — many of whom would otherwise walk more than an hour each way to and from school. The bicycles are assembled locally. They are robust and durable, with standard parts that can be replaced when they do eventually wear out, and Qhubeka also have a bicycle mechanic training programme.

If I raise £350 sponsorship it will be enough for about three bicycles.

So far in January I’ve ridden 68 miles in six days. That’s not bad going, and I’m already starting to feel the physical effects, but I would like to be further ahead: there will be some days in January that I can’t manage, and I don’t want those to put me too far behind. It would also be good to be able to take the odd day off when the weather is truly foul or I’m very tired or very busy, too.