Hilltop 55 54 D

Another hymn tune! This one, I think, might be suitable for Harvest, though the Revd Ally Barrett based it on the theology behind the gospel story about tax: ‘render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s; render to God that which belongs to God’. You can read some more of her hymns on her website and there is also information there about permission to use the text in worship.

Here we are giving,
out of our plenty
fruit of thanksgiving,
tribute of love.
Hearts overflowing
cannot stand empty,
constantly growing
grace from above.

Gathered as one, and
thankfully bringing
all that we are, and
all that we do.
Serving and caring,
praying and singing,
building and sharing,
offered to you.

Love beyond measure,
total compassion,
We are your treasure:
wondrously giv’n.
Made in your likeness,
imaged and fashioned,
life that is priceless,
valued in heaven.

Music, then! I decided that since the words were written to fit Bunnessan, I would go with something in duple rather than triple time, for once, and this is what came out:

Tooting clarionets (robotic as usual):

PDF of the sheet music.

The music (not the words!) is, as usual, under a Creative Common Share-Alike licence, and if you’re a member of the Choral Public Domain Library (aka Choralwiki) you can download it there from tomorrow.

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