Jubilate Amen

Just a simple sleepy little piece, this — almost a hymn rather than an anthem, and almost not a hymn in that it straddles the line between describing worship and participating — to some words by Thomas Moore:

Hark! the vesper hymn is stealing
o’er the waters soft and clear;
nearer yet and nearer pealing
and now bursts upon the ear:
Jubilate amen!
Farther now, now farther stealing
soft it fades upon the ear:
Jubilate amen!

Now like moonlight waves retreating
to the shore, it dies along;
now like angry surges meeting
breaks the mingled tide of song:
Jubilate amen!
Hush! again, like waves retreating
to the shore, it dies along:
Jubilate amen!

It has a rather large range required but at least this time I haven’t scored the highest bits to be really quiet.

No recording yet so you’ll have to make do with MIDI robots and the .pdf, both available from the Choral Public Domain Library. As usual this is licensed under CC by-SA, which means you can use it for whatever you like as long as you attribute me and you share the results under a similar license.

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