Just in time for Christmas: Gift Sponsorship Subscriptions

Some time ago, someone I know from Twitter got in touch to ask if she could purchase a gift subscription — and if so, would there be something to unwrap?

The answer was yes; in due course, I made a sponsorship subscription card and it’s currently with her, waiting to be unwrapped. It says:

Someone lovely has given us both a gift by sponsoring me at the Crotchet level
on your behalf!
I compose sacred and secular choral music and put it online under a CC by-SA license so choirs can sing it for free. This gift of music is supported by my generous patrons.

And then there’s some information about how to find my music, and how to get in touch with me, and so on.

I like this idea a lot, so I’ve created four levels of yearly gift sponsorship which you can purchase through Payhip. You get a .pdf of the sponsorship card, which you can either print out or e-mail to your intended recipient; they can then send me their address by e-mail or post if they want to receive the rewards, or not if they are happy merely knowing that I’m being supported in my work of composing music and sharing it online. The rewards are the same as for my existing subscriptions, posted quarterly. All the gift sponsorships are for one year of support.


Purchase Gift Sponsorship: Quaver
Reward: a postcard, or occasionally a sticker. Some of the postcards and stickers are art commissioned by me from independent artists; others are public domain art I like the look of and have printed; others are hand-drawn by me, usually of music I’ve written. Occasionally, you will get a folding notecard instead of a postcard, but it will be something new every quarter.


Purchase Gift Sponsorship: Crotchet
Reward: two postcards (one written to the recipient of the gift sponsorship, and a clean one for someone else), or a postcard and a sticker.

Minim (UK only)

Purchase Gift Sponsorship: Minim
Reward: a printed score of every new choral piece I put online for a year. This is usually going to be three works per quarter, but sometimes it will be more than that, and occasionally less. Shorter pieces are printed on heavy card, and longer ones I send off to have printed in saddle-stitch booklets with glossy covers, and I always use board-backed envelopes to prevent music being damaged in transit. I’ll throw in a postcard or two and some stickers, as well. All my choral music is legal for to photocopy and share, so getting it posted to you is a great way to build your choral library without having to think about it too hard or remember which website you found it on.

Dotted Minim (like Minim but international)

Purchase Gift Sponsorship: Dotted Minim
For international postage, my costs are significantly higher, so the Minim package costs £24/month.

For now, all the sponsorships have a second page with this Christmas tree artwork by Rose Gerard.

Description: A treble clef worked into a tree of celtic knotwork, adorned with musical-note baubles.
Musical tree