Liturgical hair: Going for Green

I have been dyeing my hair in liturgical colours since the beginning of Advent. This is to raise money for repairs to the bellows of our very fine Lewis pipe organ at St Andrew’s.

I’ve done purple, pink, purple with red, white/gold, and white with red.

It looked more red in person; I used hair "chalk" for St Stephen's Day and Holy Innocents.
It looked more red in person; I used hair “chalk” for St Stephen’s Day and Holy Innocents.
Photo on 2014-01-10 at 21.36 #3
Back to white since 29th December. Roots are starting to show a bit.

The sponsorship started well, and has now raised £1436 £1507.40: enough to sponsor 47 50 full days of hair in liturgical colours. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so far!

However, that only takes me to the end of next Thursday. We need £25000 to repair the bellows and after a year and a half have managed to raise around £13000 of that. That’s a big achievement for a tiny, fairly deprived East London parish, especially during a recession. There are good reasons we’re doing this, despite the tough economic times and the other things we need to spend resources and time on. But it has been hard work, and there’s a lot yet to come.

Candlemas is a particular milestone in this fundraiser: if I reach the day after, 3rd February, I will have to dye my hair green, and I will have worn all the liturgical colours we use.

To get to that point, I need to raise another £514 £442.6.

If you’ve been following the changes to my hair colour and meaning to donate, this would be a great time to do it. Just visit my JustGiving page — or speak to me in person if we’re likely to see one another in the next few days. If you’ve already made a donation to the organ fund, thanks again, for your generosity.