Liturgical Hair

The organ at St Andrew’s needs the bellows re-leathered. So far fundraising has been going well — we’ve had a hymnathon, concerts, and various other events, and raised over £11500 of the £25000 we need. We’re also planning Mystery Plays next summer, and if the money isn’t raised yet, I hope to do some fundraising as part of the Song Cycle pilgrimage.

These are all events that take a lot of organisation, and rely on other people turning up and being interested. I wanted to do something more personal, still a bit fun, maybe educational, but something that can be done independently.

I’ve decided to dye my hair, in liturgical colours.

For reference, this is what my hair looks like now:

Chestnut-coloured hair, tied back, a bit blurry, with part of a screen and various other bits in the background.
Blurry natural hair

I’ll start Advent I, which happens to be 1st December in 2013. For every £30 raised I will keep my hair dyed in liturgical colours for a day, up to and including the Pentecost octave. After that, I figure my hair will be ready for a rest from all the bleach!

Along the way I will take pictures (hopefully less blurry than above), so you can see that I’m keeping up my end of the deal, and blog a bit about the liturgical calendar, as well as adventures in various hair colours.

If you want to get the fundraising started, the best place to do it is at the JustGiving page for this project.

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