The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth is transferred from 31st May to 1st June this year, because Trinity Sunday is more important; but we did get some words to Mary by Athelstan Riley in one of our hymns this morning: “Thou Bearer of the eternal Word, Most gracious, magnify the Lord.” I note that Athelstan Riley died in 1945, which means his words become public domain this year (or next? I get confused).

In February I put a Nunc dimittis online. The sheet music for the matching Magnificat is now online at the Choral Public Domain Library. I haven’t done even a computer-generated recording yet, but I’ll try and add one in due course, and this is definitely a piece on the list of things I would like to have a demo recording for in due course.

Anyway — as usual, the music is CC by-SA which means you can share it — indeed you are actively encouraged to share it — even for commercial purposes, but you have to attribute me and you have to use a similar license. In practical terms, that means publishers aren’t interested in the work. Instead, I crowdfund a sort of honorarium via my Patreon page. Do have a look if you’d like to become a patron of the arts, or if you just like my music enough to buy me a cup of tea.