Mystery Plays E11

On Sunday, 22nd June at 3pm St Andrew’s Leytonstone is hosting Mystery Plays.

The modern script is firmly in the tradition of the ancient plays: it doesn’t just recount the Bible stories but offers some interpretation as well. There will be drama, poetry, dance, music and even video, by a mixture of professional and amateur actors from the local and wider community, including people of many different faiths and backgrounds. Rather than each play being an hour or so long, these are twelve shorter playlets of ten to fifteen minutes each, with plenty of audience participation.

Tickets cost £10 including some bread and wine (or grape juice if you prefer) at the interval, and all proceeds will go to the Organ Fund.

We still need to raise about £10000 to repair the failing leather bellows of our beautiful pipe organ. This historic Edwardian instrument by Lewis & Co retains all its original pipework, and has been part of the musical tradition at St Andrew’s since its installation in 1914. A hundred years on, the leather bellows are cracked and worn, leaking badly. The bellows with the worst leaks have been blocked off, leaving only just over half the organ working at all. Even this is a temporary solution: it is only a matter of time until the instrument fails completely.

A total of £25000 is needed to fully repair the bellows, but we’ve raised over £15000 so far: the Mystery Plays are just one event to help reach our goal and restore the organ to its former glory.