Patreon — a sort of milestone

I’ve had a couple of new patrons over on Patreon this week. Hurrah! Hurray! Why is having 19 patrons a milestone? Well, after Patreon’s fee, and banking fees, and exchange rates, I’ve just gone over the £100 per new piece mark.

postcard thumbnailI’m making some modifications to the page there: adding pictures to some of the rewards, changing the video from the demo of “Christ has no body now on earth but ours” to the one of “Pied Beauty”, and adding rough GBP equivalents to the numbers — why didn’t I think of this before?! I’m hoping that the changes will make it a bit easier for people to relate to what I’m doing. I still haven’t done a “why you should become a patron of mine on Patreon” video, which I’m told is really the kicker. I’ll be honest, I’m not convinced, so it’s pretty far down the priority list.

If you have any suggestions for other improvements, I’m all ears…

postcard thumbnail 02postcard thumbnail 03

Meanwhile, thank you to my nineteen patrons for your financial support, and to everyone else for everything else!