Post AcWriMo analysis

At the beginning of November I set out to write and harmonise thirty hymn tunes in thirty days. The idea was that I would, at the end of November, have a body of work to point to, and also that I would brush up my rusty harmonisation skills.

I was behind on this almost from the beginning. Other considerations, like getting the music ready for Carols by Candlelight at St Andrew’s, and sorting out paperwork in advance of moving house, did need to take priority at times. And then there were the out-and-out distractions: church politics, mostly. I’m not going to go into a detailed analysis here of why I didn’t finish.

I did actually write thirty tunes. I haven’t put all of them on a computer yet. I’ve harmonised about half of them. The harmonising did start to get easier as time went on, but I do not feel I reached the level of fluency I once had. Nevertheless, I’m pleased with some of the work I’ve done, and I think that AcWriMo was a worthwhile exercise for me even if I didn’t

I’m in the new house now, but my computer isn’t, nor are most of my belongings. My hope is that once I’ve settled in (think January) I’ll be able to continue with harmonising, perhaps one hymn per week.

In the meantime, the work I did get online is available under the AcWriMo2012 tag.