Postcard 4

Over at Patreon I have a few different “rewards” for different levels of funding. The idea is to thank my patrons for their support, while also doing things that are musically useful or relevant. If you want to learn more about Patreon I’ve given a brief explanation.

For pledges of $3/work or more, if patrons disclose their postal address, I send a hand-drawn postcard with a short, unique melody by me on it. Here’s the fourth one:postcard004

This one is for Alex, who I’ve known for a while now; I’m very grateful for his support, not only as a musician but in various other spheres of my life.

I’ve taken a photograph because, in addition to sending them to people I want to thank for their support, I plan to use these melodies at some point; I haven’t yet decided whether to combine them into a larger piece somehow, or to take each one and expand on it, to form a multi-movement work or a collection of pieces. As with most of my work, these postcards are licensed with CC BY-SA, so if you want to use or modify the image or the music you are quite welcome to do so. Just make sure you attribute me, and release any derivative work under the same license.