Snake on a Bike! Snake on a Bike!

On Sunday I tried an experiment. Carefully, gingerly, I manoeuvred the serpent case onto the back of the bicycle, and used several bungee cords to secure it there. The plan was to then walk the bicycle to St Mary’s Wanstead, where the London Gallery Quire were providing music for Evensong. It seemed a better option than taking the Tube one stop, and a more comfortable one than walking with a heavy case on the end of my arm.

The whole set up seemed quite secure, though, so I decided to cycle instead. I was cautious at first, not wanting to take too many risks, but I do know the route to Wanstead quite well and the traffic on a Sunday afternoon is not exactly heavy. So off I went, like some sort of low-budget sequel to a certain film, and sure enough we got there all right. The journey back was in the dark but I have lots of lights (some would say I’m excessive in this, I prefer to think of it as “highly visible”, which is surely a good thing!), and I was feeling confident enough to take a detour to a friend’s house for a visit.
I didn’t take any pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine a great rectangular box with a red light on it sticking out off the back of the pannier rack. I’d definitely do the same again for short journeys — but I’m still not happy enough with the case to try this method for getting to and from Quire.

2 thoughts on “Snake on a Bike! Snake on a Bike!

  1. You are daring! I would not consider riding a bike in London traffic, let alone carrying something that large.But a result for you in getting about with it!!

  2. I've been cycling in London for a while, having been given a very lovely bicycle for my birthday this autumn. The traffic is scary sometimes but I stick to quieter roads and can always get off and walk if it's really getting to me. I've acquired some materials for making a better serpent case, so hopefully in a few weeks will be cycling to and from Quire rehearsals, too!

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