The Message of the Wind

I have a new choral work up on the Choral Public Domain Library: The Message of the Wind. This was written for the Nicola Dando Choral Composition Prize, which this year had five set texts; in the end, I thought my setting of another of the texts was a stronger piece, and submitted it for the competition instead.

The words are by Harriet Monroe, a poet whose work I hope to explore more.

The wind comes riding down from heaven.
Ho! wind of heaven, what do you bring?
Cool for the dawn, dew for the even,
And every sweetest thing.
O wind of heaven, from pink clouds driven,
What do you bring to me?
The low call of thy love who waits
Under the willow tree,
Whose boat upon the water waits
For me, for thee.

As usual, this work is released under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA licence. That means you can use it, for profit or non-profit purposes, without further permission from me, and without having to pay me. All I require is that you credit me, and that any derivative works you create (recordings, collages, whatever) are shared under a similar licence.

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