Trinitie Sunday

A few weeks ago when Fr Duncan and I were discussing hymn lists, he said he’d like to have a lot of George Herbert this Sunday. It seemed like as good a reason as any to write an anthem.

I launched into a setting of “Love (III)” but it didn’t quite “sit” right, wasn’t working out, and was perhaps a little long. So instead I decided to set the poem “Trinitie Sunday” as an anthem. It isn’t Trinity Sunday today, but we might sing it again: the choir picked it up quickly and seem to like it well enough.

Lord, who hast formed me out of mud,
And hast redeemed me through thy blood,
And sanctified me to do good;

Purge all my sins done heretofore:
For I confess my heavy score,
And I will strive to sin no more.

Enrich my heart, mouth, hands in me,
With faith, with hope, with charity;
That I may run, rise, rest with thee.

I’ve put the piece up at Patreon where you can download a .pdf and the usual singing robots (MIDI). It will appear on ChoralWiki in due course.

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