Two tunes for “Christ, whose glory fills the skies”

Every time we sing “Christ, whose glory fills the skies” I despair a bit. The tune “Ratisbon” is… well, it’s okay, but it’s not anything to really write home about. The other tune suggested in New English Hymnal is just boring.

So I thought I’d write a couple of my own tunes for the same text. It is really a wonderful text, after all! I think that on reflection my tunes aren’t much to write home about either, but here they are anyway.

I wrote the first of these, Gordon Hill, for an RSCM hymn-writing workshop that took place on my birthday. I’ve changed the harmony since then, and I’m not entirely happy with it even now.

Gordon Hill PDF
Gordon Hill MIDI

The other, Farmer Road, I wrote in the final stages of AcWriMo2012, when I had given up on harmonising everything and was just cranking out tunes. I only harmonised it this afternoon, but technically it’s AcWriMo 28.

Farmer Road PDF
Farmer Road MIDI

CC BY-SA, of course, and the words are public domain.