I’m singing in Ely Cathedral this week, and staying in a guest house in Waterbeach, so I wrote a hymn tune today.

Here are the words, by Nathaniel Cotton:

1. Affliction is a stormy deep,
Where wave resounds to wave;
Though o’er my head the billows roll,
I know the Lord can save.

2. The hand that now withholds my joys
Can reinstate my peace:
And He who bade the tempest roar,
Can bid that tempest cease.

3. When darkness and when sorrows rose
And pressed on every side,
The Lord has still sustained my steps,
And still has been my Guide.

4. Here will I rest, and build my hopes,
Nor murmur at His rod;
He’s more than all the world to me,
My Health, my Life, my God!

(I left out one verse because it had the emphasis on the wrong syllable.)

The software I use to make the robots sing isn’t working with the midi file of this for some reason, and as I’m not at home I can’t put it into the big computer to see if that helps. But here’s the .pdf:

Waterbeach PDF

You can also download the pdf and also the midi file at the Choral Public Domain Library, as usual.

Ely Cathedral Choir, Cambridgeshire, UK - Photo by David Liff, License: CC BY-SA