Work in Progress: Song of Easter

This was my contribution to the Online Praise service for Easter Day earlier today. You can view the whole service here. I didn’t have time this week to do a lot with it, so just recorded the melody line; I have plans to expand on this, though I’m not sure yet whether to SATB or to S(A)-organ. There is plenty of more urgent work in the queue now so it will have to wait, but here is a taste, anyway:

When I was young I feared my growing old
lest, being old, I should want youth again,
or lest the growing old should cause me pain;
I knew the worth of silver less than gold.
I tried to hold the sun and not the moon,
I asked the clock to stop– it paid no heed!
Time blew away like dandelion seed,
as sure as day, the evening came too soon.
This road I cannot tread the other way.
The ages passed, and age has come to me.
Yet still asleep I dream, awake I see,
as sure as day brings night, the night brings day,
youth, sun and dandelion seed, and why?
They cannot have new life unless they die.

Song of Easter rough draft — pdf file

The words are by Thomas Thurman and, as always, the work is licensed under CC BY-SA. That means you can use it for free — even for profit — without asking me, as long as you a) credit me (and Thomas Thurman!) and b) release whatever derivative works you make under the same license. I do this because I don’t want anyone to have a monopoly on my music, and I want it to be available to people who don’t have much money.

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