I’m still finding it difficult to carve out the time for posting here, I’m afraid.

My current daily schedule runs something like this:
7.00-8.00 The Joyous Commute (not actually too bad)
8.00-10.00 practising
10.00-10.30 check e-mail and put out any drastic fires found therein
10.30-11.00 physio
11.00-12.00 composing or arranging
12.00-13.00 lunch
13.00-14.00 errands (in practice this is actually a spare hour of slack which almost always gets filled because of one appointment or another)
14.00-16.00 library time: work on paperwork, planning, putting compositions into digital format and other bits and pieces
16.00-18.00 practising again
18.00-19.00 The Glorious Journey Home

Given that I often have rehearsals or various other appointments to fit into the day, this is somewhat flexible, but on an ideal day with nothing scheduled this is what happens. The items from 8.00 to 12.00 are important and must fit into any weekday.

The plan was to use some of the library time for writing and posting articles to this blog, but so far I’ve had enough other work to be getting on with that it simply hasn’t happened.

In general I’m finding that having some structure, some routine in my day, is extremely favourable to this whole ‘getting things done’ plan.

My commute is going to get a bit less pleasant soon. The Docklands Light Railway is having extensive upgrade work done in order to build platforms long enough for three carriages instead of the existing two. For around two months from 30th June the service going under the river will be reduced to a single track, and to accomodate this trains will run every ten minutes instead of every three and a half: this has the potential to make them rather crowded. I can actually walk to Trinity from the point where my bus terminates (Crossharbour), using the foot tunnel. I do hope that Greenwich Council mends the lift at the south end of the tunnel, though, because my hips don’t much like climbing that many stairs. In an ideal world I’d cycle the whole distance but I haven’t taken the time yet to work out a sensible route and then test it when I’m not aiming to arrive at either end for a certain time.

With that I must away: bus in 15 minutes!