Just another quick flypast post!

I’m playing movements from the Brahms Horn Trio on Saturday, 10.30am, at St. John on Bethnal Green. I’m very much looking forward to it. Whether we play the final movement or not does rather depend on how rehearsals go this week…

The summer is mostly flying by faster than I’d like it to. I’m starting to get some chamber music organised, but it’s slow-going: the people who have responded to my e-mail plea are a pretty mixed bunch in terms of instrumentation and this makes it difficult to find music we can play without having to order it first. And of course there is the perennial problem of pianists, or lack of same: I did have one who responded but sadly haven’t heard back from her since.

I had the valve levers on my horn replaced on Friday, along with some other servicing. I’m very pleased with the result. Of course, on Sunday when I went to get my horn out just before a concert the finger hook fell clean off and I had to re-attach it with gaffer tape. This meant it matches my glasses, also sporting gaffer tape after they fell apart in my hands while I was teaching on Sunday morning. (I already have an appointment with the optician for next week but am going to see if I can get it moved to tomorrow.)

Library closing so I’ve got to go and do some other work instead now!