AcWriMo 1: “Mile End”, a metrical setting of the Benedicite

I’m not doing too badly with AcWriMo so far: I’ve written five tunes, and harmonised, er, some of them.

Here’s the first. The words are Chris Upton’s metrical setting of the Benedicite, originally written with plainchant in mind. I hope that this setting will be more accessible for congregational singing, particularly where plainchant is unfamiliar. Many of the 11 11 11 5 tunes available are somewhat unremarkable. I added a little “Amen” to the end, because it seems the done thing after a doxology, but a simpler one could be used if you don’t like the nearly-parallel-5ths.

As is my custom, the work is under a CC BY-SA license, which means you can use it — even for profit — but you must acknowledge the creators (that’s Chris and me), and you must share the work similarly (so you aren’t allowed any kind of monopoly on it). More about why I use this license here.

AcWriMo1 — Mile End — PDF
AcWriMo1 — Mile End — MIDI

Sorry no mp3 this time: I’ve got lots of these to transcribe today, so you get the singing robots, I’m afraid.