Blessed are the Cheesemakers

If things have been quiet on the blogging front recently, it’s for a good reason: Beloved and I were married on 28th September, and only returned from honeymoon a few days ago.

Now, life returns to “normal” — except it isn’t the same. I’m getting on with various bits of practising, fundraising, Song Cycle planning, and the like. I was back at work playing for the service at St Andrew’s on Sunday morning and sang Compline there last night. Beloved is back in the office, and a week off has taken its toll on the to-do list there. We’ve just about caught up on the laundry.

But I still feel like this inside:

Picture by Sara.

Oh, the title — cheesemakers? While we were away the milkman kept delivering milk, and our Esteemed Housemate didn’t quite have consumption levels to match. So yesterday, I made halloumi.

It is delicious.