London Gallery Quire Church Crawl 2013

This Saturday, London Open House day, London Gallery Quire will be going on a Church Crawl. We will be singing music from our book, Your Voices Raise, at the following churches and times:

1.                  St Mary Woolnoth                                                      10.30 a.m.

2.                  St Margaret Lothbury                                                11.45 a.m.

3.                  St Vedast alias Foster                                                 2.15 p.m.

4.                  St Mary le Bow                                                           3.30 p.m.

If you wish to join our day of West Gallery music-making, we would ask that you purchase a copy of our book at a cost of £8 to be bought on the day, unless you already have a copy.  It contains 56 favourite items from the repertoire of the quire.

There is no charge for the day but we will be passing a hat round to make a collection which will enable us to make donations to each of the churches we visit.

We will be walking from church to church so suitable footwear and clothing should be worn, of course, period costumes would be fun should folk wish to wear them but are entirely optional.  The first church is by Bank tube station and all the other churches are within easy walking distance of Bank.

If you want to come along and see some lovely churches and hear, sing or play some splendid music, this would be an ideal opportunity!