Nothing works the frist time.

I may be up past my bedtime, having harmonised the little tune I wrote earlier.

Here’s a rough draft harmonised version:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Here’s a .pdf of the sheet music: While dead in sin 001

And here’s the problem: Revd Klages tweeted in haste, and the text he posted, while making sense, was not in fact, but rather Note the missing line and the one with the extra syllable. No problem, right? The text as I set it still makes sense…

Except that Thomas Thurman has written another verse, using

Let all that earthly life may boast
set sacrifices raising
to Father, Son and Holy Ghost
with infinite praising;
all I held dear,
all the comforts I have ever known
I am leaving here;
nothing there
to compare
to hearing Jesus calling his very own.

My brain hurts. I’m finishing some e-mails, and going to bed.

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