A call for words…

So, I wrote some words last night, rather too many in fact, about my interpretation of various Church of England stuff. That post has received over three hundred hits, more than all my posts on organ fundraising combined. I joked about this on Twitter, asking if I could make the organ fundraising more controversial…

…and someone remarked I could only do that if I were the wife of the Dean of Wakefield Cathedral.

Well, that’s a non-starter, because as far as I’m aware the good Dean is still married. Even if that weren’t the case I’m sure my proposal would be the wrong sort of controversy, drawing no attention at all to the plight of our poor organ at St Andrew’s, and quite possibly getting me fired for general disrepute.

But I can write music, and I can make simple videos. What I cannot do is write a poem.

Your challenge, should you wish to accept it:

Write a poem, preferably with a recognisable metre and rhyme scheme (and preferably not, not that I know anyone like that), detailing what we need to do to the organ, how much we need to raise, and the details of the hymnathon. Put as many organ, stop, bellowing, etc puns in as your heart desires (but try not to make it too dirty, please, I don’t want to be fired over this). Once I have the text, I will set it to music, sing it, put together a short/simple video from static pictures and diagrams, and stick it on YouTube.

CC BY-SA license, please, though I don’t imagine many will want to use it for profit.

Organ fundraising, Steeeeeeam, State of the Organ and the Hymnathon page should give you all the background information you need…

Either comment here or send poems or poem fragments to standrewsorganappeal@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do with them…

One thought on “A call for words…

  1. There once was an organ whose bellows
    Appeared to be crusty and yellow
    Leather cracks, it was found,
    Caused acute loss of sound,
    So come over and sing with your fellows.

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